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Moldex3D is the world leading CAE product for the plastics injection molding industry.
Altair HyperWorks
As the most comprehensive, open-architecture CAE enterprise solution in the industry, HyperWorks includes best-inclass modeling, analysis, visualization and data management solutions.
This software is already very popular in the foundry industry: all kind of foundries that produce non-ferrous or ferrous castings. NovaCast solutions are also very applicable and being widely adopted

Moldex3D - Standard Injection Molding Solutions

Validate and Optimize with Plastics Injection Molding Simulation

Predict upfront more than 85% of common manufacturing problems, such as short shot, flow imbalance, air trap, or sink mark. It greatly improves part quality, structure, appearance.
  • Visualize melt front.
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  • Predict location of weld line or air trap.
  • Optimize gate size and location.
  • Optimize process conditions in filling stage, such as injection time, melt temperature, ram sped profile, etc.
  • Evaluate gate-freeze time.
  • Avoid sink mark, or flash.
  • Optimize packing profile
  • Predict areas of high volumetric shrinkage.
  • Predict the requirement of clamping force.
  • Improve cooling efficiency.
  • Reduce cycle time.
  • Predict hot spots.
  • Support cooling channel network analysis.
  • Design and verify an effective conformal cooling
  • Predict final part shape.
  • Identify warpage causes.
  • Calculate residual stress.






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